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2004 Lexus ES 330


Lexus ES 330

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Change engine oil and filter. Fill engine with Manufacturers required quantity and oil type Lubricate steering and suspension Check all fluid levels Check accessory belts and hoses Check tire air pressures. Price of oil based on market cost.
  • Remove and replace valve stems on both front and rear tires. Check air pressure in all tires.
  • Scan for codes Find P0442 – evap system small leak detected. C1201 – engine control system fault. C1223 – fault in ABScontrol system. C1241 – battery voltage too low/too high. Possible causes of the above codes would be a wheel speed sensor, hub bearing, gas cap, battery, alternator. Performed starting charging test o vehicle – OK at this time Test gas cap – OK, was not on tight.
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